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The War Cry of Faith
Jesus E. Campa

True Leadership Jesus E. Campa

Wiley College believes in the true leadership of Chief Jesus E. Campa 

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The truth sets us free

seek the truth and you shall find it

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The War Cry of Christians

Jesus "Eddie" Campa stated "listen to The War Cry and never look back"

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Wanting and Waiting

TD Jakes speaks about waiting for the Lord.

War Cry is real

Deadliest Warriors In The World: Royal Tongan Marines Battle Cry - Sipi Tau (Kailao)  

About Me

The War Cry

My name is Jesus "Eddie" Campa and I am a man of faith.  While my faith has been tested I remain strong in my faith.  The War Cry keeps me on track

My faith

Share your outlook on faith and spirituality or your out look on faith and religion.  Whats the difference between faith and religion.  

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Describe how you act on your faith in the community.